I Remember…

I remember day the sun shined the brightest through my window.
I looked outside and saw how it lit up everything around me,
I saw the best things that God has given to the world,
The sun’s rays touching my face, making me feel special and worthy.
The sun made me feel safe, warm, and at peace.

I remember the day the moonlight shined across the dark sky,
The clouds covering it every once in a while.
I never knew that the moon covers its loneliness with the clouds,
But its light still shining through,
Giving more beauty to the darkness that surrounds them.

I remember the day when a warm breeze touched my skin,
Making me feel like I was never alone,
Every breath I take makes me feel free,
With every blow of the wind takes my worries away with it,
Freeing my soul from all the burdens and pain it was carrying.

I remember the day I looked at my own reflection.
I saw the way how my reflection looked at me back with love.
It was the day I felt most wanted and secured,
The day I first felt I am beautiful the way I am,
The day I embraced my flaws and all that I have.

I remember the day when I felt most grateful,
So grateful that all my fears got all blurred out,
My tears washed away, my doubts set aside.

I remember the day when you came along,
That was the day I saw the sun,
The day I saw the moon,
The day I felt the breeze,
And, the day I found myself.

I Like People

I like people who do good things without asking for something in return. I like people who help others when they thought no one is watching. I like intelligent people who don’t brag about everything they know and help others learn. I like people who share their weaknesses to strengthen others. I like people who can still put a smile on their faces and love themselves even though they’re being dragged down and judged by others. I like people who can be happy for no apparent reason. I like people who never judge others just by looking at their physical appearance. I like people who are not selfish to share what they know to help people get back up. I like people who are selfless. I like people who are honest. I like people who are faithful. I like people who are loyal.

I like these kinds of people.

But, rarely do I see them.

I know a lot of you might agree and think the same, but before expecting others to show these goodness to you, better start doing these by yourselves.

Start with you.

Start liking what you do.

Before every move you make, when you’re in doubt, try to ask yourself, “Would I like to see a person do this to me?”

Be a reflection of your ideal. 🙂