Then And Now

Have you ever been so into someone that he made your whole life change?
Every piece of you touched by his every word,
Every second of your life feels like you’ve been living forever,
How you see things now is way too perfect for you to describe.

I do feel these things now,
And I’ve never felt so selfless in my whole life.

Making him happy became my purpose.
Hurting him became my greatest fear.
Losing him became my nightmare.
And, taking care of him became my nature.

Before him, there was music,
Before him, I can only see perfection in my dreams,
Now, he has become my living rhythm,
And he made reality better than my dreams.

Is this madness?
Some might think it’s crazy.
But, if what they think about it is right,

Then I would never want to be sane once again.

Because I’d rather live a world full of crazy things that make me happy,
Than to live a normal world that makes me feel empty.


Empty Walls

One night, I was staring at a blank space,
The lights were off,
The world sleeping soundly.
With the screaming sound of silence,
I stared at the emptiness of the darkness,
Thinking about you,
Thinking about what could and should be,
The promises that we made,
Would they all just be broken?
The dreams that we shared,
Would they all just stay in our hearts,
Waiting for us to take a step.
A step to which they can be freed.
Waiting for us to fight and make them win.
Waiting for us to cherish them,
Own them,
Make them happen.

As I go deeper and deeper into my thoughts,
I can see myself,
Longing for the days that I had you.
Wishing that you stayed.
Wishing that you fought with me.
Wishing that you never gave up.
I was scared.
Hoping to never see myself like that.
I was scared.
Still, I am.

One night, I was staring at a blank space,
The lights were off,
The world sleeping soundly.
With the sreaming sound of silence,
I stared at the emptiness of the darkness,
It was empty.

That blank space,
That’s how my world would be like,
Without you.

I Remember…

I remember day the sun shined the brightest through my window.
I looked outside and saw how it lit up everything around me,
I saw the best things that God has given to the world,
The sun’s rays touching my face, making me feel special and worthy.
The sun made me feel safe, warm, and at peace.

I remember the day the moonlight shined across the dark sky,
The clouds covering it every once in a while.
I never knew that the moon covers its loneliness with the clouds,
But its light still shining through,
Giving more beauty to the darkness that surrounds them.

I remember the day when a warm breeze touched my skin,
Making me feel like I was never alone,
Every breath I take makes me feel free,
With every blow of the wind takes my worries away with it,
Freeing my soul from all the burdens and pain it was carrying.

I remember the day I looked at my own reflection.
I saw the way how my reflection looked at me back with love.
It was the day I felt most wanted and secured,
The day I first felt I am beautiful the way I am,
The day I embraced my flaws and all that I have.

I remember the day when I felt most grateful,
So grateful that all my fears got all blurred out,
My tears washed away, my doubts set aside.

I remember the day when you came along,
That was the day I saw the sun,
The day I saw the moon,
The day I felt the breeze,
And, the day I found myself.