I’ll stop the challenges cuz it’s making me go nuts. Instead of focusing on one thing to improve myself doing it, I mix things up TOO MUCH. Not that it’s bad, I just find it a little stressful and it drives me crazy. Hahaha! Not gonna do any challenges again!!! Noooooooooo! Not until I’m already that good at drawing.

I want to focus on portraits and on how to use charcoal and graphite pencils properly. I’ll do paintings every once in a while, but not that often because I think, focusing mainly on drawing and shading will make my paintings improve a lot as well. I have to do this cuz I have to improve! If I don’t improve, I can’t achieve my goal of becoming a good artist to be able to help other people. How? I have plans. And it’s a secret. *winks*

Good luck to me.

By the way, I drew this cartoon character today cuz the boss of my mom asked me to.

Do you guys know him? I believe this character is famous in Iran.



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