What’s in my head.

This drawing sums it all up. Yeah I’m depressed and I’m not emotionally stable. I also have anxiety and a lot of fears. I have issues and a lot of flaws. But, I embrace them cuz if I don’t have all of these, I wouldn’t be as strong.

Shane, Trish, and VivaLaWatts are YouTubers just so you know. 😉


I made this coz I’m bored. Haha!


32 thoughts on “What’s in my head.

  1. All of your woes make you strong?…or tolerant? Do you feel stronger for being vexed by so many negatives? Or, are you just more easy-going, more of a pushover because you’re already carrying so much emotional weight?

    I thought BLOG was bigger than ART. ART is just thicker.


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