boring, unmotivating, and uncreative kinda day.

So here’s the thing. I’ve been feeling kinda low these days. Today, I feel like sh*t and I tried to draw people and paint but they all turned out so f*cked up. I feel like I’ m wasting all of my art stuff.. AND ALL OF THEM AIN’T CHEAP!

Yesterday, I’ve decided to start learning the fundamentals in drawing, so since last night, I’ve been watching a couple of art lessons on YouTube (@Proko, @ArtOfWei, @MyDrawingTutorials). I learned a couple of things, and I think it kinda messed up the strokes that I got used to before I’ve learned some stuff. Is that possible? It’s not a bad thing though, but I wish I first started learning the fundamentals before I jumped right into drawing because now I feel like I’m not doing anything right. I tried to draw Ariana Grande today, and it didn’t turn out like my other drawings.. the style and the feel of it is different. Although it’s not bad.. but it isn’t good either. The features are (maybe?) more realistic but it doesn’t look good. I think I was feeling insecure or stressed out? I don’t know. I’m not willing to show that one cuz it’s a mess. Haha! The proportions are quite off. So.. NO! Haha

Here’s what I practiced drawing today..

I practiced the whole day.. practiced, complained, got unmotivated, practiced again, felt frustrated, practiced again, and the mood swings goes on and on and on…. I just want to master the features.. but getting the features right in every angle is NOT EASY! 

Do you guys know any website where I can learn the fundamentals for free? Please help me. I want to learn.. Really really want to learn. 


6 thoughts on “boring, unmotivating, and uncreative kinda day.

  1. I think what you’ve done so far is pretty good! Have you had a look at ? I’ve not used it myself but I’ve heard about it; on quick browse it looks pretty good, especially considering it’s free.

    There might be other sites like that available but indeed for tutorials I tend to stick to YouTube.


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