An Open Letter To The Heartbroken

Hello, I’ve heard that you’re experiencing a heartbreak right now. Well, I’ve been there, too. Just like you, I cried a lot. But, if you come to think of it, you should be happy. You know why? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. You were loved. There are some people out there who has NO experience of what you’ve experienced. Some of those people are WILLING to go through pain just to be loved just like you. Yeah maybe you got hurt, but you were happy. I bet you both did a lot of laughing and cuddling more than the crying. Because if you were not happy, there’ll be no relationship in the first place.
  2. You’ve grown. You’re in pain right now, but you’ll see that at some point in your life, when you have already found the right one, what you’re going through at this point is what helped you become a better partner. If you did some mistakes in the past and see it as a learning experience, you’ll be able to save THE ONE from the pain or frustrations that it might cause someone to feel. So, be more enthusiastic and see your ex as your true love’s superhero! 😉
  3. You’ll be stronger. Based on my own experience, falling in love hard, most especially with your first love, can cause one to fall down harder. When you’re in love, you feel like you’re floating with the clouds, seeing the beauty of the sunlight up above, and all of that good stuff. But when that love fails you, you fall HARD! HARD TO THE GROUND. AND DAMN, IT’S PAINFUL! But I’ve learned that the more you survive a painful heartbreak, the more you get to become understanding and patient with your next partner. And that being said, can absolutely make your next relationship last a long time.
  4. You’ll get to know and love yourself more. Going through pain is maybe one of the best ways to get to know yourself more. I know I did. Why? Because you’ll get to see the side of yourself that you might not have seen before. Most of the time, when we are happy, we focus more on the feeling than what it does to us. We do things that make us feel good even though it can cause disadvantages to us. On the other hand, when you’re in pain, you’ll want to be a BETTER version of yourself just to turn things around. You’ll see how you handle bad situations and do better next time. You’ll love yourself more, because you’ve already seen the worst part of yourself and you’ll never want to see it again. And most importantly, pain is what makes us appreciate the good times even more.
  5. It’s one step closer to finding the right one. Ask all of the happiest couples you know, most of them have gone through the most painful heartbreaks before they found the right one. Don’t give up trying just because it’s painful. Who knows, maybe it’s your last heartbreak, right? Think about this. How sure are you that the one who is meant for you isn’t going through the same? What if you let yourself give up on love while your true love is still not giving up and is willing to go through a lot of heartbreaks just to find you? SO DON’T GIVE AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. This is just a phase and you’ll get through this!

So, all you have to do right now is to be patient and faithful of love. Cry if you want. Let it all out! Just make sure that what you’re feeling now won’t get the best of you. Try going out with friends or your family. It’s time for you to love yourself and get to know you more. You’ll see, it’s fun!



Disclaimer: Photo is from ** I just Googled this. HAHA! 🙂


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