Before I start this blog, I would like to say that I am honestly and sincerely sorry and saddened about the tragic terrorist attack that happened in Paris and I have nothing against the French and those who truly support and mourn because of this.

So here’s the thing. Here in my country (Philippines), people tend to go with the trends so quickly. No matter what the trend might be, they will go with it even though they have no idea of what it truly is and what it means. Facebook have shown their support in Paris, France by encouraging its users to use an app or something that can give a flag effect to their profile picture. Before the terrorist attack happened, the flag filter used by Facebook was the rainbow flag that showed support for the LGBT community ’bout the #LoveWins thing. Now that terrorists have attacked France, of course its flag will be used, right? People started using this filter all around the world, some of them are sincere, some of them just want to be “in” with what’s new. And it sucks whenever I see people I know who doesn’t give a f*ck about Paris before the tragedy be completely affected by what happened as if they lost someone because of the attack. They won’t stop posting stuff related to it. I don’t even know if they knew what the flag of France was before. I am not against their support, but it is TOO MUCH to the point where it seems FAKE. Instead of posting #PrayForParis over and over and over again, they can just use their time to really PRAY instead of posting about it.

Another thing that caught my attention is that why do most of the people focus mainly on Paris when on the same exact day, other horrible events that took thousand of lives happened in other countries like in Mexico, Japan, Baghdad, and in some other places. Instead of using the flag thingy to show mourning or support for Paris, why not use a plain black profile photo without their faces or a black ribbon or something creative that can show WORLD PEACE SUPPORT instead? Paris wasn’t the only place who suffered.

I just wish some people would stop being so narrow.



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