Then And Now

Have you ever been so into someone that he made your whole life change?
Every piece of you touched by his every word,
Every second of your life feels like you’ve been living forever,
How you see things now is way too perfect for you to describe.

I do feel these things now,
And I’ve never felt so selfless in my whole life.

Making him happy became my purpose.
Hurting him became my greatest fear.
Losing him became my nightmare.
And, taking care of him became my nature.

Before him, there was music,
Before him, I can only see perfection in my dreams,
Now, he has become my living rhythm,
And he made reality better than my dreams.

Is this madness?
Some might think it’s crazy.
But, if what they think about it is right,

Then I would never want to be sane once again.

Because I’d rather live a world full of crazy things that make me happy,
Than to live a normal world that makes me feel empty.


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