“Do you have a BFF?”

Who is your best friend?

Do you have that specific person whom you entrust your secrets with? Is it really possible for you to find that perfect and ever supporting friend that you see in movies? 

Our problems come without a warning. Trials come without us knowing when or how are we going to be able to handle it. It just stabs us right in our hearts and shatters our thoughts until they all become a blur. They say we can always count on our friends to help us in our daily struggles and bullshits in life. Our friends always say that they’ll always be there if we need them, that they’ll never leave us, or they’re just one phone call away. Because of this, we end up expecting and depending on other people to help us face our problems or whatever we’re going through. We always have this ideal that being a true friend means that you have to be around them every time they have a break down. But the real truth is, no they can’t. They can’t always know when will problems hit you. They can’t always be around because they also have their own responsibilities. They can’t always answer your phone calls because they have their own calls to make in order to live and not get fired. We have to understand that. If you’re one of those who can MAKE time for a friend, remember that not all people are like you. Not everyone express their care and feeling exactly the way you do. Respect others’ differences. Respect that they have their own problems to fix and they have their own lives.  

We can never be really friends with anyone but ourselves. No one can really embody our ideals because nobody’s perfect. We can’t always depend on other people’s helping hands to help you get back up and forget that you can stand on your own two feet.

You just have to be the strength that you seek from others. You must learn how to accept the fact that our friends are just human beings like ourselves. They cry and experience struggles, too. Are you sure that you’ve been a perfect friend to them for you to demand and be frustrated or disappointed when you didn’t get what you wanted? Have you always been there for them in EVERY battle they faced? You’ll never know, right? So why ask for something you’re not sure you know how to give yourself?

Learn how to fight alone for you to be stronger and be able to help other people. Your friends can motivate you, but you are the one who’s responsible to take action. You are the one who must learn how to get through dark tunnels and comeback fearless. 

As long as it’s your reflection you see in the mirror, there’s no other person who knows your strengths better than you do. You know you’re strong enough. You know you can handle it. You know it because you’ve already been through a lot and you’re still here.  

So, let me sum it all up in four words,



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