What is it like to be human?

I watched a movie entitled, “The Giver”, probably 2 weeks ago. And I was deeply moved by it’s story. It made me realize that despite of all the chaos, sadness, and negativity that we all go through in this world as humans, we are lucky and must be grateful.

Imagine a world without criticisms, but all you see would be merely black and white and no other colors, everything you see is the same and have no distinct character. What if we all forget about the wars, but the world wouldn’t learn anything about the past. What if everything you see, know, and feel right now are forgotten. Would you agree to that? There’s peace and order, but there will never be no heroes and people who know how to sacrifice. Animals are extinct, including cats and dogs. Imagine if there would be no natural disasters and famine, but there’ll be no winter, and no summer, which means that we forget about all the fun when there’s snow, no sleds to play with, and the adventures we do under the sun will all be erased. What if there’s no such thing as emotions, no despair, anger, lust, but there would also be no happiness, joy, love, and romance. What if you wouldn’t know how to feel loss or sadness, but you will also wouldn’t know how it feels like to be loved, nurtured, and treasured. What if death is unknown to every human being, which means that people know nothing about the after life, heaven, or God, or what would happen if someone dies or someone he knows died. Imagine a world with no conscience, no choices, no losers, and no winners. What do you think it would be like?

You see, everything we have and everything that we’re feeling right now is because we’re humans. We have different shapes and sizes, colors, and ethnicity because those are what makes us, us. There’s hatred because there’s love, there’s sadness because there’s joy, there’s tears because there’s laughter, there’s death because there’s life, there’s chaos because there’s peace. We have to be thankful for all of that. We go through rough times so we can be tough, and the next time we experience bullsh*ts again, we can already take it like a boss and makes living more of an adventure! The world is also fulled of animals because we need them and they need us to survive. Your cats and dogs need you.. you’re all they have, so love them. Even the wild animals need us to survive. Because whose gonna take care of them, right?

Humans are made to experience and go through all of these stuff. Just like what the song Iris said, “Yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive.” I love that song! And, if life isn’t like a roller coaster ride, it would be boring. So, we just have to enjoy the ride, and if you get dizzy at some point, just throw up all the negativity! Haha! I don’t know if that made sense, but I know you know what I’m talking about. 


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