Who among you guys watch Ownage Pranks?

Damn, I’ve been completely obsessing over this dude for a couple of weeks now! You guys should check him out on YouTube. His channel is called Ownage Pranks obviously. He uses his voice acting skills to make hilarious prank calls that could totally make your day! He can imitate tons of accents like, Chinese, Indian, Black, Mexican, British, etc. He has 10 characters so far! Personally, my favorite imitations are Rakeesh (Indian) and Buk Lau (Chinese).

This dude is hilarious! I just want to share the happiness he gives me by recommending him to you guys. Totally not a waste of time. Honestly, I’ve been going through some bad stuff lately, and he just makes me forget about all of that by making me laugh hard every time!

So, Russel, if somehow you’ll end up reading this post, I want to tell you how thankful I am that I found your channel. Keep up the good work! You don’t know how happy you make me! You always cheer me up even though I’m having a rough time. I love you! You’re my favorite SOMEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOODYYYYYY. LOL.

Check him out guys! Here’s one of his videos. This is one of my faves! >>>  Click Here.


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