“I want to see how fat you are.”

I just need to get this off my chest.

So, here’s the thing. Everyone who knows me, or have read my blogs, are already aware of the fact that I’m on the bigger side, right? Whenever I post photos of my face, of course, no one can see my body figure or how chubby I am, or how much I gained back weight, right? Guys would message me, flirt with me, and try to get to know me by asking some questions, like how tall I am, how much I weigh, etc etc. Me, being an honest human being, tell them about my weight and stuff which is totally fine with me ’cause I ain’t ashamed of the truth, and then they ask me to send them a full body shot for proof because I don’t look fat on my photos. Of course, I am not ashamed, so I send them. After seeing the photo and how big I am, they’d never talk to me again.

Question: Do you have to feel bad for yourself if a guy walked out on you after seeing your flaws?

HELL NO! YOU JUST SAVED YOURSELF FROM AN A**HOLE! He walked out on you because you got flaws? Wow! Think about it his way, expensive things are unique. Flaws are what make us unique. People walk away from expensive stuff because they can’t afford it. You’re a diamond that only kings can afford! Remember that! And, if he walked out on you, maybe he’s broke! All you have to do is to keep on shining by being your true self, and let the one you deserve have you. Cause you’re beautiful! You ain’t living in this world for him, you’re living life for yourself and those people who really matter; You are not living in this world to starve yourself so you won’t gain weight, you live to eat pizza and ice cream to feel happy! And if you’re in the process of trying to lose weight, make sure that you’re not doing that for a guy who asked you to, do that for your health. Do everything you can to be the best you and to feel great about yourself.

We were NOT born in this world to fit in. We were born to stand out. Flaws are what makes us special, and if a guy can’t handle your flaws, then maybe he prefer the regular boring types or girls. The easy-to-get ones. Maybe he’s more into cheaper stuff, because those are the only ones he can afford.

The right one will fall for you. Keep that in mind.


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