I have to do a lot of stuff this week. I have a lot of reports on que, I need to finish up some tasks, I mean there’s an awful lot of things going on recently, and I need a break. I have to set my priorities right. So I need to stop drawing or blogging for a while ’till I finish all my work. It sucks. šŸ˜

I’ll be back after a week or two.


4 thoughts on “Hiatus.

  1. I was reading you set your mind on doing your blog\art challenge lately, couldn’t you find half an hour a day to complete the task. not that I try to encourage blogging but rather uprise against those times when we want to do something and “something else” always gets in the way, if it is justified or not. (just a suggestion).


    • Well, first of all, it takes me more than an hour to finish a sketch.. so yeah.. And, I have this condition when I have something upcoming.. like a report.. which I have this week.. I actually have 2 reports this week.. and those are about laws.. and another about my major.. I can’t stop thinking about it which leads to me being uneasy and not into doing other stuff other than focusing on those that I have to finish.. I’m not a multi-tasker and I do drawings and blogging just for fun, it is not something that I HAVE to do. I love doing those stuff, but sometimes you just have to do something else or take some rest, and when you’re ready, jump right back into it.. How can I enjoy what I do if my mind isn’t really into it? It’s like playing in a playground.. you can’t always stay there.. you have to go home sometime. šŸ™‚


    • Oh thank you. I’m quite nervous about those actually coz I have social anxiety. Maybe that’s why I keep on thinking about it. Haha! Thank you for reading my blogs btw. I’ll make sure to get right back into it asap.


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