DAY 4: Views On Religion (30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE)

I don’t really know how to start this one. It’s kind of a delicate subject to me. But, I guess I’ll just start by saying that, for me, religion isn’t supposed to separate, classify, and compare people from one another. Religion is supposed to unite people for what they believe in. Whether they believe in God, Buddha, Allah, or nothing at all, if that’s what they want to hold onto, and as long as they’re living their lives as good human beings, we have no right to judge them for that. We are religious beings. We are naturally born with the desire to search for something to believe in, to search for our God. We have our beliefs, they have theirs. The best thing that we can do is to give each belief respect.

Religion for me is what is seen through our actions and how we live our lives. What we believe in can manifest to whatever we say or do in response to our everyday struggles or situations. Religion is something that we practice, and not just something we attend to everyday just to be recognized as good responsible Christians or whatever.

I don’t understand why some religion hate and mock on others. What makes them think that they are the right ones when they behave like that? Don’t they know that disrespecting others can backfire on them? Don’t they know that saying bad criticisms about something they don’t know about because of their differences can only make them look like they’re just a bunch of lunatics who likes contradicting others’ beliefs so that they can look like they know everything eventhough they don’t? I don’t know if that makes them feel better. Making fun of others because they’re different..that’s not something to be proud of being known for.

Oh, and by the way, I am a Catholic, and forever will be one. I love my religion. 🙂

I don’t know if all of the things I have said will make sense to everyone who will be able to read this. To me, it does, and I just tried to make a point. Make your religion proud. Be a good reflection of your own beliefs, and learn how to understand and respect others’ views.

That’s all.


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