Because of social media, there are a lot of trends and different kinds of viral videos that have been circulating all over the globe. People have been doing weird things just to be ‘in’ with what’s popular. But, do all of these things help our younger generation? Some of it might, but mostly, I don’t think so.

Why do social media not use their power to focus more on helpful stuff like, spiritual movements, motivational and inspirational topics, self-help, or anything that could enhance the well-being of people. All I can see these days are videos that make no sense; Videos about minors doing things they should not be doing at such a young age, trendy lines that somehow teach children how to disrespect others just to be called ‘cool’, stupid people being famous for being so full of themselves and annoying, etc.

People should learn how to value and give importance to what the social media can do to our present generation. Because, if this nonsense will continue to get bigger and bigger, imagine what would happen to the future generations to come. Technology would be greater at that time, and of course social media would be more powerful, and whenever I think of it, I get scared about what would the future be like.

I don’t know why, but what’s happening to our world now is quite disappointing. I hope change is still possible, and people learn what really are the important things in life.

Know what to prioritize.


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