DAY 2: At Home With My Husband And Kids In Canada (30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE)

10 years from now, I see myself in Canada, at home, in our living room, watching a movie beside my husband and our kids, laughing hard, and happy just by being together in our lovely home.

Having my own family is one of my greatest dreams in life. Yes it’s simple, but it’s full of meaning. It may be hard to raise your own family, but it’s rewarding. I want to be called “mommy” and “grandma” someday! I know it will happen, I just know. And, I have faith that it will.

I will be the best wife, mother, and grandmother. I will raise my family right. I will make it a point that my family will revolve around God. I will make sure that my family’s relationship with one another will be as great as I can imagine, or better yet, greater. I wouldn’t let some sort of depression ruin my family, and I will make my children feel that they’re not alone. Together with my husband, we will be our children’s bestfriends.

And, we’ll make sure that love, respect, trust, and understanding are present in our family.

Just like what Stitch said, “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”


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