DAY 1: Single And Proud (30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE)

I’ve already mentioned that I am currently single and not quite ready for a commitment. Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel lonely or upset about it, but most of the time I just don’t care.

A lot of single gals and dudes out there make a big deal about being single. But, being single I think is something to enjoy. You don’t have to throw yourself out there just because your friends tease you about it, or you’re the only one in your group who’s single. The hell they care, right? It’s your life not theirs, and it’s yours to enjoy. Love is not something you look for. Love is something you find, and most of the time, it comes unexpectedly. Finding true love is never an obligation or a task that you have to do. If it’s meant to come, it will. You don’t have to feel pressured about it. There’s more to life than romance. 

I get it, being in love feels great, inspiring, and empowering at times, but happiness is not only about finding your true love. You can find happiness within you, your friends, your family, your favorite music, your favorite hottie, your favorite movie or TV show, pizzas, ice cream, chocolates, etc. No one can give you happiness but yourself. 

Happiness is something that you can choose.

Think about it, if you’re in a relationship now and you’re happy, why is that? It’s not your partner that makes you happy, it’s the satisfaction, gratefulness, or appreciation that you feel that makes you happy.

Every one of us have ideals of what can make us happy, but realize that those ideals are the blockers of our happiness. So, why not practice accepting things as they are and appreciate every little thing that you have. You’ll never know if there’s someone out there who wants your life. So, be thankful!

Oh, and another thing, not being in a relationship can also help you find the inner you and fall in love with it. What’s better than that, right? Loving one’s self is a big step in finding your true love in the first place

You see, everything starts with you. You’re in control of what you feel. You’re in control of your own happiness. We don’t really have to rush into anything.

Like what they say, “What comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy.” 


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