30 Days Art Challenge – Something You Couldn’t Live Without

I will try this challenge, too. Haha!


Hi guys and gals, sorry for not update for so long because i’m busy or… Just f*cking lazy, hahahah… But anyway, as an amateur illustrator, doodler, or whatsoever, just like every artist want to challenge themselves to improve their ‘artsying’ skills. you know what i mean right. And because of that, i want some challenge for myself too.

Who’s challenging you?

Me, myself, and i, heheheh… Because there is no one want to accept my challenge, so i challenge myself. Ironically, i found this picture on Pinterest


Well… What do you think? It looks like fun am i right? So, start from number one, SOMETHING YOU COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT. Hhaha.. Y’see? I’m a rebel sometimes, so i drew so many things i couldn’t live without. Not someTHING but SOMETHINGS, and here my drawing for day one starting now


So.. There is me browsing, chatting, and watch porn on ma’ smartphone…

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