Painful Thought

What kind of parent calls his daughter ugly behind her back? What kind of parent makes her daughter feel bad about herself? What kind of parent deprives his daughter to eat after long tiresome day? What kind of parent shows his daughter how disgusted he was of her because she’s fat?

Respect. This is something that should be given to our parents, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones that deserve it. As children, or even as human beings, we deserve respect. A parent should teach his children how to love themselves regardless of how much they weigh, what color they have, etc.

I am not some kind of animal, and I don’t deserve to be compared to one. Yes, I am overweight, but I am still human, and you don’t have the right to compare me to anything or even anyone. You’re not even concerned about my health and all you think about is how I look. I will not let you take away the confidence I just have had. Never.

I am hurt. But, unlike him, I will still show him respect, because as I’ve said, nobody deserves otherwise. And, this is another way of showing him how wrong he is of what he thinks about me.

I will show him.


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