SUPERMOM: I Am Thankful

Being a parent is a tough job and it has a lot of responsibilities. You must be responsible enough to mold your children in the best way possible. Why? Because you love them, not just because it’s your responsibility to do so, not just because being a good parent requires you to do so.. it’s just because you love your children. Period.

As a daughter, I am thankful that I have my mom. She loves us unconditionally. She knows us, understands us, listens to us, provides for us, and sacrifices for us. Unfortunately, she’s overseas, so I don’t get to hug her or bond with her. We still need to wait for God’s perfect timing for us to be together again.

My mom is the strongest woman I know. She gives us everything she has. She puts us first before anything or anyone else. She’s never selfish. She had sacrificed a lot for us to have a better future. She took every painful hit that life gives to her just for us to be happy. Most of her life, she dedicated for our sake. And for that, I am thankful. I am not a perfect daughter, I could say that.. but that doesn’t change the way my mom loves me. I made a lot of mistakes, but she never made me feel bad about it, instead, she was the one who encouraged me to get back up. She never make me feel like I can’t do anything whenever I mess up. She never makes us feel bad about not getting what we want because she always makes us understand why. She makes us feel loved, special, and protected at times when we are depressed or anxious. She teaches us how to be positive and patient about everything.

My mom is the perfect definition of Unconditional Love.

Someday, in the future, I would raise and love my children the way she did.

My mom rocks! And, I love her.


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