I Like People

I like people who do good things without asking for something in return. I like people who help others when they thought no one is watching. I like intelligent people who don’t brag about everything they know and help others learn. I like people who share their weaknesses to strengthen others. I like people who can still put a smile on their faces and love themselves even though they’re being dragged down and judged by others. I like people who can be happy for no apparent reason. I like people who never judge others just by looking at their physical appearance. I like people who are not selfish to share what they know to help people get back up. I like people who are selfless. I like people who are honest. I like people who are faithful. I like people who are loyal.

I like these kinds of people.

But, rarely do I see them.

I know a lot of you might agree and think the same, but before expecting others to show these goodness to you, better start doing these by yourselves.

Start with you.

Start liking what you do.

Before every move you make, when you’re in doubt, try to ask yourself, “Would I like to see a person do this to me?”

Be a reflection of your ideal. 🙂


12 thoughts on “I Like People

  1. Wow, I’m nearly crying right now and I don’t know why. This text is so incredibly beautiful and true, so emotional and perfectly empathetic. I dare say you’re such a wise person and maybe this sounds stupid but I want to print this and put it on my wall. We had some chats in the comments recently and this makes me feel even more connected to you because I always feel like that.
    It’s hard to be like that but if each person on this earth tries every day to get a little more like this, what an loving and beautiful place would the world become?
    Thanks so much for sharing it and I mean that with my whole heart


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    • Aww. First of all, I never thought someone would really read this hahaha. I just needed to get that off of my chest so I decided to write it down. Second, I know people who are like that, and I know that they have no intention to gather attention or brag about how good they are.. so I thought these people need to be appreciated anyhow.. People could still change if they put their mind into it and see the good side of each and every one of us.. I hate negativity because I know how that affect everything.. I’ve been negative.. and I hated it.. maybe another reason why I wrote this is to remind myself and feel better.. 🙂

      Anyway, thank you for reading and appreciating what I said. ♡ Keep on rockin by the way! I still wanna be as good as you someday! Haha!


      • Thanks for saying that 🙂 I think it’s perfect that you write. There are people like that but they are rarely noticed as you said. I think I’m not that kind of person but I’ll keep working.

        Me too I struggle with negativity and a lot. I mean it’s sometimes hard to be as grateful as I have to and really don’t know how to deal with it… So I hope you’re over it because I think you’re a quite positive person with desirable values and ways of looking at the world. (In this case I would like to be a bit more like you 😉 ) do you have any tips for me how to stay positive when you went through this? Thanks

        I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll be as good. And looking at your progress it won’t take you so long. 😉


      • I am not a positive person I’m telling you. But, I figured, being negative sometimes can help. Because, without negativity, how can you learn how to be positive? How can you train yourself to think in a positive way. All of us has negativity at some point, but you know, some of the most positive people out there suffered depression, anxiety, traumas, etc. You can’t be enthusiastic and strong if you haven’t gone through a lot of bad stuff. I have 5 tips for you in order to stay positive. (1) Never expect, because people are different. We have ideals, I get it, but they’re just IDEA-ls. It is not necessary for everyone to follow theirs. (2) Never compare. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s the same. So, if we’ll compare ourselves to others, it will be never ending and pointless. You’re perfectly imprefect! (3) Be grateful. Think about it, how many people out there experience more horrible stuff than you. Or if you feel really bad about a certain thing, think about this, “Jesus, carried a cross and died for me. Is this problem harder than what Jesus experienced?” *I hope you’re Christian so you can understand what I just said. haha* I’ve met a lot of people who experience worse than me, but still manage to smile and be happy! I admire them for that. (4) Always look at the bright side of things. If you got your heart broken, maybe he’s a crazy person who still never comes out, and God only saved you from him.. if you have family issues.. you’re lucky you have a family in the first place.. some don’t even have anyone.. if you fell down the stairs and sprained your leg, at least you never bumped your head and die. Right?? (this are random examples though I’m sorry I’m bad at giving examples.. haha! but I know you get it. HAHA) And, lastly, (5) PRAY. There’s no greater cure than that.

        You might think right now, “Wow, she’s so positive I want to think like her… blah blah blah.” No honey, haha. I was brought to the psychiatrist last year.. October 2014 I believe.. I have depressive disorder. But, depression helped me to be stronger and be more positive. Believe me. Haha! So whenever life gives you sh*t, shout to life and say “BRING IT ON!” learn how to handle drawbacks like a BOSS!

        People go through a lot of bad stuff. Maybe at some point you’ve already asked, “Why do bad things happen to people?” Answer? Bad stuff happen to us in order for us to be able to help others who go through the same thing. And it feels good to help, right? =D We go through problems for our benefit. Those problems will make u feel good someday when u think about them. You’d be like, “WOW I HANDLED THAT STUFF PRETTY WELL, I HAVE SUPER POWERS!” Hahaha! *I’m trying to be funny, is it working?* =)))

        God gives His greatest battles to His strongest soldiers.
        This is my mantra. =D Hope this helps.This is loooong. Haha!


      • First of all: I love long comments haha
        Thanks. Thanks for these lines, I don’t know what it is but all you say seems so… relatable and true. (I mean are you my age, are you also around 18? You don’t have to tell me though)
        I’m not a Christian in first place but I live in Germany and we are a quite Christian country so I totally understand what you say. 🙂 And your mantra is great, I mean really…
        I’m sorry that you have to suffer from depression that’s a terrible thing but I’m proud that you handle it better now. And maybe experiencing things to later help is a very good point of view, we can’t help bad things to happen anyway so why not use it, right?
        Thanks so much for writing all that, I think it really helps. Sometimes we just have to think about why we are feeling the way we are feeling and how we can change the attitude. We are on this earth to live a happy and full life I believe…
        You are funny but this is a tricky subject so it’s not easy haha


      • Haha. I’m 21. Haha! Don’t feel sorry about my depression coz I don’t. I’m thankful for every problem that comes to me. ^^ I can sense that you are going through some stuff. You can message me anytime if you want. I’d be glad if I could help you. 😉


      • Oh well, it’s near 18. That’s why I felt that you’re so wise, it’s these 3 years. I will have a boost of wisdom in the next years. Hahaha
        Thanks a lot, that means a lot to me! Xxx
        Ps. could you write me your email address please, but only if you like to 🙂


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