Professors should teach and not mock. There are tons of professors out there that never do what they have to do, which is simple, to teach. And, obviously, that involves INTERACTING with the students, UNDERSTANDING them for how they learn, … Continue reading



I am not philophobic. I got hurt, but I am doing fine. I still don’t want a relationship, but I interact with guys.

Some people misunderstand Philophobia.

This phobia is serious and is considered as a mental disorder, just like other phobias. People who go through this, fear any interaction with the opposite sex. Some even experience panic attacks and anxiety. Some people say that they have Philophobia as a result of a heart break, after being rejected, or after a bad break up. They freely describe themselves as philophobics even if they have no symptoms. It just annoys me to see people who put “PHILOPHOBIC” in their bio, and when you scroll and see their feed, you can see convos of them flirting with A LOT of guys/girls. Is that what a person suffering philophobia do? Really?

I think, ironically, some people use this phobia to ATTRACT people’s attention.

Don’t use Philophobia just to cover up whatever you want to cover up or to describe a feeling of bitterness and a broken heart.

Because Philophobia is NOT a label, it’s a mental illness.

Giving up the “30 day blog challenge”

Ugh! Because of school, I get so busy these days. And, since blogging isn’t really my thing, and I suck at giving opinions and stuff, I decided to not do the 30 day blog challenge anymore. I need to focus studying & drawing.

So yeah. Still gonna do the art challenge though. That’s what I really do, drawing. To all the bloggers out there, hope y’all try the 30 day blog challenge.

Need to focus on my game, so I’m out! Haha.

DAY 4: Views On Religion (30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE)

I don’t really know how to start this one. It’s kind of a delicate subject to me. But, I guess I’ll just start by saying that, for me, religion isn’t supposed to separate, classify, and compare people from one another. … Continue reading